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Drought Tips
DWR Logo The following series of publications are developed as a co-operative effort between the California Department of Water Resources, the University of California Davis, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Bureau of Reclamation Mid Pacific Region. Most of these publications deal with the effects of drought and methods to mitigate them.
Id Publication Name How to get a Copy
92-09 Managing Irrigation in Fruit and Nut Trees During Drought View PDF Document
92-16 Leaching View PDF Document
92-17 Water Quality Guidelines for Vegetable and Row Crops View PDF Document
92-19 Water Quality Guidelines for Trees and Vines View PDF Document
92-20 Water Balance Irrigation Scheduling Using CIMIS ETo View PDF Document
92-21 Leaching Under Saline Shallow Water Tables View PDF Document
92-23 Furrow Irrigation View PDF Document
92-24 Coping With Declining Groundwater Levels View PDF Document
92-25 Sprinkler Irrigation View PDF Document
92-27 Using Shallow Ground Water for Crop Production View PDF Document
92-29 Irrigation Water Management Made Simple View PDF Document
92-32 Maintaining Water Quality for Irrigated Agriculture Under Drought Conditions View PDF Document
92-33 Reclaiming Sodic and Saline/Sodic Soils View PDF Document
92-34 Citrus Irrigation Scheduling During a Drought View PDF Document
92-35 Drought Tactics for Apricots View PDF Document
92-38 Field Use of Tensiometers View PDF Document
92-43 Deciding How Much to Plant During A Drought View PDF Document
92-44 North Coast Crop Coefficients for Field and Vegetable Crops View PDF Document
92-45 Central Coast Crop Coefficients for Field and Vegetable Crops View PDF Document
92-46 Sacramento Valley Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients for Field Crops View PDF Document
92-48 Crop Coefficients for Field, Vegetable, and Strawberry Crops: South Coast Inland Valleys and Coastal valleys and Plains View PDF Document
92-52 Irrigating Up Crops Efficiently With Sprinklers View PDF Document
92-56 How Much Water Are You Applying With Your Low Volume Irrigation System? View PDF Document
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